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View on Colour 24 ARMOUR

View on Colour 24 ARMOUR

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Culture is on a crusade; art, architecture, design and fashion are asserting a more radical role in society, using visual violence with a vengeance, rebelling brands, combating stress, fighting for peace, licking our wounds or building new character. Art is reporting and commenting, architecture is building refuges, desian is heraldic and defensive, fashion is confronting, cosmetics are shielding, masks are expressing our very own selves while armour is physically or emotionally reinforcing our personal strategy.

In a late answer to the princess, young boys want to be heroes; they want to be a warrior, a gladiator, a cowboy or a devil, dressed to kill in a first attempt at courtly love. Colour is linking the dark Middle Ages with the uncertain future, with obscure yet humorous colours, anticipating a society that has integrated a fighting spirit. Bricks stand for the architecture of concentration while man-made matter helps us to protect ourselves from what we don't want: my home is my castle, and my house is my fortress. This extra-fat, almost hermetic issue of View on Colour is a special edition, a magalogue to a biennial exhibit in the Netherlands called ARMOUR: The Fortification of Man, at Fort Asperen from June 7 until September 28, 2003. This first experience as a curator has helped me to research the extent of this social phenomenon, its depth and its dedication to change. Therefore I consider this special issue as a witness of our time and a blueprint of the strategy of our culture.


Li Edelkoort


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