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Bloom Issue #20: Tinctorial

Bloom Issue #20: Tinctorial

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Another view on colour period in history has seen so many earthquakes, no such drought and such blasting fires, such terrifying torrential floods and a volcano erupting into clouds – which stopped the planet from traveling and trading –in the memorable year of 2010. the headline news is no longer about the politics of war, but the politics of weather. thousands of deaths, millions of homeless, billions of dollars. Triggered by amazing products and creations, I have gone out to see things the world over. we set out to investigate the use of colour made from earth, root, bark, pistils and petals. we met amazing individuals from different countries busying themselves with alchemistic fervour to collect, ferment, blend, cook, dilute and bundle these natural hues in order to create colours for ice cream, textiles, hair, cosmetics, paint and of course, clothes. the result is hope-giving and heart-warming, a beautiful and living horticultural colour card.

-Lidewij Edelkoort

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