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Bloom Issue #18: Enchanted

Bloom Issue #18: Enchanted

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Adding yet another layer to function, design embraces storytelling too, abundantly borrowing its idiom from nature, as seen in the magnificent living wardrobe of Tord Boontje and the delicate decorations of Kiki van Eijk. The mysterious and the naive, the fantastical and the fresh, the bewitching and the ingenuous are juxtaposed to become this new and very important cultural current that will sustain itself into the future. Recent economic angst is pushing the markets to only consider reality and reason while the true and trusted answer should be fantasy and fiction. To give our consumers a dream, to seduce them with narration and to lure them into a life teaching them to realise their own dreams also. Once upon a time, we created a Bloom that narrates and illustrates this world of fiction with textiles, stories, florals and fragrance diving deep into the psyche of man considering building a world based on emotion and intuition, a world of the absurdist and the surprising, a surreal experience feeding our fairy fantasies for the future.

Sweet dreams,

-Lidewij Edelkoort 

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